Signalling Power Supply Modifications – Deal & Waddon Area

Network Rail

Client name: Network Rail
Project duration: 3 Months
Project value: <£50k
Services provided: Signalling Design and Design Management

Project Scope Overview

Deal and Waddon were two separate power supply projects split as follows:


Deal station abolition of D15 / 415v junction box – The feeder arrangement at Deal was surveyed with a dictate to place D15 power enclosure beyond the touch of passengers utilising Deal Platform 1.

As this enclosure was purely used as a through connection for the feeder supply it was decided to run a new cable between locations D14 – D16 to allow for the abolishment of D15 415V junction box.


Waddon Power Pillar Abolition – Due to track circuit stagger issues and feed/relay sets of AC vane track circuits being supplied from different sub-station supplies in the Waddon area, Network Rail issued a remit to abolish the existing Waddon sub-station derived signalling supply and re-feed the location supplies with an extension of the Selhurst power pillar supply via ST83 REB.

Waddon was designed as a two-stage job which involved the installation of a new power cable linking Selhurst feeder from loc ST90 to ST91 and also the installation of
a new class II intermediate cable through joint box ‘ST96 JB’ at Waddon. ‘ST96 JB’ was then configured as the interface to allow for the disconnection and decommissioning of feeds from Waddon PP. The new ST96 JB was then re-configured to be a cable through joint box providing a power feed through to ST98.

Both sets of designs complied with the functionally equivalent design process using forms A to E as specified in Signal Design Handbook Module A2-9.

All NRG records were updated.

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