Signalling Power Supply Modifications – New Hythe Area

Network Rail

Client name: Network Rail
Project duration: 6 Months
Project value: £50k – £100k
Services provided: Signalling Design and Design Management

Project Scope Overview

The new Hythe Sub 440v PSP has four AC main feeders, one of which was life expired.

Network Rail issued a remit to alter the feeding arrangements to facilitate the removal of the life expired 440v feeder.

This was a two-stage project. Stage 1 included the decommissioning of the existing feeder consisting of the recovery of all redundant cables and associated junction boxes. This stage also included the re-feeding of existing locations on the life expired feeder with 440v signal power from another feeder.

The second stage was included to allow for the replacement of an AC main power cable on an existing feeder between locations AF24 and AF26. The replacement of this cable included the installation of a new class II intermediate cable through joint box to reduce the existing cable run distances to below 500m.

All designs complied with the functionally equivalent design process using forms A to E as specified in Signal Design Handbook Module A2-9.

Power calculations were also provided to accompany the design.

All NRG records were updated.

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