Track Circuit Conversions – Littlehampton

Network Rail

Client name: Network Rail
Project duration: 6 Months
Project value: £50k – £100k
Services provided: Signalling Design and Design Management

Project Scope Overview

Littlehampton track circuit conversion of AA & DA (from AC – EBI200).

Littlehampton Signal Box and associated signalling equipment is currently fed via Ford power pillar. This feed is due to be abolished and replaced with a new signalling power supply fed from Littlehampton sub-station. As a result, boundary track circuits AA and DA [both AC double rail phase sensitive track circuits] will have their feed and relays derived from separate power supplies which is not permitted in NR/PS/SIG/11757 AC Phase Sensitive Track Circuits.

The scope of this work was to convert AA and DA track circuits from AC track circuits to EBI200 TI21 track circuits.

Two new location cases were designed and installed as part of this work to house the new track circuit equipment. All existing equipment associated with AA & DA AC track circuits was decommissioned and recovered.

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